Dr Oz: Indian Fenugreek Blood Sugar Benefits & Daily Meal Ideas


Dr Oz: The Plant That Promises To Lower Your Blood Sugar

What is the plant that can reduce cravings, prevent diabetes, and give you more energy? Dr Oz wanted everyone to know about Fenugreek. Find out how you can cook with this and make it a part of your family’s meals starting tonight. You only need a little bit, and the effects could really help to improve your health.



  1. DO says

    Please beware of taking Fenugreek without telling your doc if you are already a diabetic.
    It can interfer with the meds you are taking to control your sugar.

    Look up the supplement by typing in the word and read all warnings and side effects and drug interactions. It also states that there is no hard evidence or scientific research that proves that it works.


  2. Vicki Domin says

    Where do I buy Fenugreek? I am a diabetic and anxious to use it! Thanks! Vicki

  3. Debbie O says

    Vicki you typed a comment so you have a computer. Just type in fenugreek and wha la
    It will tell you who sells it.

    Debbie O

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