Dr Oz: Is Grass-Fed Worth The Price? + Buying Ground Beef


Dr Oz: Regular VS Grass-Fed Beef

As Dr Oz was investigating the beef industry, he spoke to local groceries, he learned that regular beef is sold at abou $5.30 a pound, while grass-fed beef is typically sold at around $8.20 a pound. So how much of an impact on your health would switching to grass-fed beef really have? Would it truly be worth the money?

Scientist Alan William, another whistleblower in the beef industry, explained that grass-fed beef is worth it simply because it’s loaded with omega-3’s, CLAs, vitamin A, vitamin E, and essential minerals. A grass-fed steak also tastes better, with many chefs saying it tastes the way beef should. Mark added that quality alway costs more, which shouldn’t be a surprise. Think of nutrition, flavor, and texture.

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