Dr Oz: Kiwi Vs Orange Vitamin C & 1-Minute Wake Up Energy Booster

By on January 14, 2013

Dr Oz: Kiwi Vs Orange Vitamin C

Are you tired of feeling tired all the time? Are there some days when you can barely get through the morning, let alone that mid-afternoon slump that hits so many of us? Dr. Oz has the 5 Energy Boosters that work and he has already shared a few of them, including an energy bar recipe that you will want to make right now to have on hand for the next time you need a boost of energy.

Dr Oz: Kiwi Fights Fatigue

Dr Oz: Kiwi Vs Orange Vitamin C & 1-Minute Wake Up Energy Booster

Dietitian Kate Geagan Says that kiwis have twice the Vitamin C of oranges, which is one of the reasons they are a super fruit that you should eat every day!

The next energy booster is found right in the produce aisle and Dr. Oz says it is possibly the most overlooked little gem in your grocery store. While you are filling up your shopping cart with other fruits and veggies you are probably overlooking kiwi, but they are loaded with Magnesium, which will rev up your energy level. Kiwis are also packed with Potassium, which will give you much needed get-up-and-go during a long day.

Dietitian Kate Geagan, author of Go Green, Get Lean, says that people often do not realize how powerfully nutritious a kiwi is for their body. She says that 2 kiwi have more potassium than a banana, twice the calcium of an orange, and as much fiber as a bowl of bran flakes, making them a powerful super fruit! Kate recommends everyone eat 2 kiwis a day because not only do they pack an amazing health punch, but 2 kiwis have just 100 calories, which is great portion control.

Dr Oz: How To Eat Kiwi

Cut a Kiwi in half and pack a spoon – Take it with it with you wherever you go and eat on-the-go!

Slice a Kiwi and add to your cereal – Kiwis are way more affordable than berries and they are in season right now, so add them to your shopping list!

Kiwis do not have to be purchased organic because they are on the Environmental Working Group’s list of Clean 15 Produce, which means they have the least amount of pesticide residue.

Kiwis at Snack Time – Pair it with something that is high in protein like almonds or cottage cheese.

Add Kiwi to your salad – The Vitamin C in the kiwi will help your body to better absorb the iron in the leafy greens in your salad.

Kiwi Salsa – Dietitian Kate Geagan likes to recommend using fruit in your salsa, especially kiwi. A kiwi pineapple salsa served over fish is a great way to add this healthy fruit to your diet.

Kiwi Puree – Simply blend a kiwi with a small amount of sugar for a super healthy yogurt topping.

Dr Oz’s 1-Minute Wake-Up

Dr. Oz has a bonus booster that will give you a rush of energy. He says it takes just one minute and he promises it will wake you up and leave you feeling energized.

Step #1: Stand up tall and interlace your hands together. Turn your hands inside out and lift them over your head while inhaling. Lower your hands down to your knees as you release your breath. Dr. Oz explains that this will help move oxygen through your body while improving your lymphatic flow, which is hugely important to getting waste out of your body.

Step #2: Wing Flap – Stand like a scarecrow with your arms out to the side. Keeping your elbows up, drop your hands down and flap your arms back and forth. This will keep that lymphatic flowing and get your heart rate going while also improving your blood flow.

Step #3: Bring hands into a prayer position in front of your face. Holding that position, alternate bringing each leg up to your elbows. This will get your blood circulating and clear out the toxins from your legs.

Do these exercises for a total of one minute to get a surge of energy any time of the day!

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