Dr Oz: Lemongrass Health Benefits & Lemongrass Tea Review


Dr Oz: Lemongrass Health Benefits

Have you ever heard of lemongrass? Have you ever wondered what it tastes like or what it offers for health benefits? If so, today is your day to get answers! Dr. Oz says lemongrass is a “wonder” herb that has been used for thousands of years in Chinese and Indian medicine to prevent and heal illness. Today he invited an Assistant of the Day to help him reveal the many ways this powerful plant can improve your health.

Dr Oz: Drink Lemongrass Tea for Stomach Pain

Dr Oz: Lemongrass Health Benefits & Lemongrass Tea Review

Dr Oz says drinking lemongrass tea is a great way to ease an upset stomach.


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    Interest includes properties of lemongrass that can be benefits to health and as a mosquito repellant just for simply planting and harvesting yearly. Need if to start the planting to harvesting and uses. To be added to an array of similar plants to encompass the entire yard around my house in the bush.

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