Dr Oz: Low Enzyme Test & Dr Oz’s New Green Drink Recipe With Pineapple


Dr Oz: Pineapple Aids Digestion

Dr. Oz and Dr. Robynne Chutkan discussed the importance of digestive enzymes and their role in keeping our immune system strong. They also talked about the causes of low enzyme production and now they have a way you can test yourself to see if you might be at risk. Take their Enzyme Test to find out now!

Dr Oz’s Low Enzyme Test

Now that Dr. Oz has shared that low enzyme production could be making you sick, you are probably wondering how to figure out if you have low enzymes, right? Wonder no more because Dr. Oz and Gastroenterologist Dr. Robynne Chutkan created the Low Enzyme Test for you to take and see if you are risk for have low production of enzymes in your body.

Dr Oz: Bloating Most Common Sign Of Low Enzymes

Dr. Oz said there are important symptoms to look for that are signs of low enzyme production. The first set of symptoms is related to digestive issues and they are:

  • Bloating (Dr. Chutkan said this is the most common problem for people with enzyme issues.)
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Floating Stool (if your poop floats it is a sign there is a lot of fat in there)

Dr Oz: Hair Loss Sign Of Low Enzyme Production

The next set of symptoms to be on the lookout for is related to your physical appearance and they include:

  • Dull Skin
  • Hair Loss/Thinning (After bloating, Dr. Chutkan said this is a very common complaint of those who suffer from enzyme deficiency.)
  • Rashes
  • Weak Nails

Dr Oz: Headaches & Low Enzymes

The last set of symptoms on Dr. Oz’s Low Enzyme Test is those that concern your mind and your mood. Dr. Chutkan explained that when you feel good in your gut, you feel better in the rest of your body as well. These are the symptoms to look for in this category:

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Mood Swings

Dr Oz: Enzyme Test Results

Dr. Chutkan explained that if you checked off three or more of the 12 symptoms listed above, there is really no need to worry. As a matter of fact, she said that she experiences three of the symptoms herself.
If you had 6 or more of the symptoms from Dr. Oz’s Enzyme Test, this is when your immune system really starts to be affected. Dr. Chutkan says that not only does this cause a problem for your immune system, but it also means you are probably getting sick more often with colds and they most likely last for a long time.

Dr Oz: Raw & Fermented Foods Built-In Enzymes

Dr. Oz said there are ways you can increase your enzyme production and they are as simple as adding certain foods to your diet. Raw and fermented foods actually come with their own set of digestive enzymes, which means your own enzymes do not have to work as hard. Some good sources of raw and fermented foods that are rich in enzymes are:


  1. sharon bender says

    1/25/13 thank you & dr chutkan! to much to say. menopause in my 40’s i’m 58 now. stopping all the Rx meds. that were killing me. now i know i was right. maybe i will be able to leave my house again. drs were wrong .all pills no diet. i had to find out for myself , husband of 33yrs and two children how to get healthy again! i know it takes time, but i want to be here for my grandbabies! iwas hospitalized 3 times just from dehydration. i lost a lot of time. GREEN DRINK !

  2. do says

    I just looked at the email again and I think the test is simply finding out how many symptoms you have. 3-6 is low enzymes?
    I don’t think there is something that is titled LOW ENZYME TEST.
    If anyone one else finds something different please pass it on.

  3. Sonya in NC says

    Re: the new green drink recipe- does anyone know how long it will keep in refrigerator? I will be the only one drinking it and it looks like a large yield. Thanks-

  4. cindy cunningham says

    hi Dr Oz thankyou for the great show on Friday 1-25-2013 just a few ?,s on the green drink do we just use the insides of the lemons limes and orange ? do we peel the apple and cucumber ? also how many days can this keep in the fridge ? thankyou for your time cindy cypress ca

  5. Linda says

    On the show Dr Oz said that he makes it on Sunday and it keeps all week. I just made it in my vitamix and used the insides of the lemons limes and orange. I did not have the parsley and mint and it made a very thick drink. Will try again with the missing ingredients. And regarding the apple and cucumbers; my thoughts are that if they are organic products, put in the peel (as I did). If they are not, peel. Especially the apples – always peel unless organic.
    Regarding the enzyme test, they said most people had three of the symptoms and not a big deal. 6 or more – see your doc for low enzymes. Below are all of the symptoms to choose from:
    Digestive symptoms – check all that apply: bloating, diarrhea, constipation, or floating stool. Physical symptoms: dull skin, hair thinning/loss, rashes, weak nails. Mind & Mood Symptoms: fatigue, headaches, insomnia, mood swings.

  6. says

    Finished making drink…….The flavor is good but it really is too thick to call it a drink. It would be more palitable less thick for my taste so I will consider adding more liquid maybe unsweet- ened pineapple juice(?).

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