Dr. Oz: Low Fat Flavor Boosters & Tarragon, Fennel + Orange Chicken


Dr. Oz: Julia Collin Davison America’s Test Kitchen

Dr. Oz invited Julia Collin Davison from America’s Test Kitchen to show us some low-calorie flavor boosters to help us spice up our health foods. Julia said she believed we’ve all better trained to think of fat as flavor. We all love bacon, sour cream, butter, and cheese. When you’re trying to eat healthy, you take these things off your plate and the food may taste bland to you. But it turns out not all flavors are fatty.

Dr. Oz: Low Calorie Flavor Boosters for Protein

Dr. Oz: Low Fat Flavor Boosters & Tarragon, Fennel + Orange Chicken

Dr. Oz talked to Julia Collin Davison from ‘America’s Test Kitchen’ about ways to boost flavor in common foods, including her orange, tarragon, and fennel chicken. (pilipphoto / Shutterstock.com)



  1. Sharon W says

    I have searched for the recipe for this dish ( Low Fat Flavor Boosters & Tarragon, Fennel + Orange Chicken) as well as the recipe for Spicing Up Broccoli but am unable to find it. Would you please email it to me?
    Sharon W.

  2. Tabitha Larcom says

    I am also unable to find the recipe for the orange fennel chicken. Could you please email me the recipe?


  3. Cathy Williams says

    i would liker the recipes/amts etc from the segment from Julia Collin Davison from America test kitchen, on low calorie flavor boosters. I found the write up about segment but did not have spefics on amts etc. Please send me reciopes for the orange fennelchicken, brocolli and red potatoes. thank you. Dr oz stated one could get the information at his site.

  4. says

    Please send me the name of the book Julia Collin Davison form America Test Kitchen had on vegetables. It was not listed as you said it would be on our local site. I Would like to purchase this book. I am a regular viewer of both shows, Dr. Oz and Americas Test Kitchen. Watching Julia now as she demonstrates her awesome skills. Thanks for quality tv.

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