Dr Oz: LOZO.com Coupons by Email & How to Get Free Health Screenings


Dr Oz: How to Get Almost Anything Free

Today is literally a free-for-all as Dr. Oz and shopping expert Joyce K. House share tips to get almost anything free! Would you like to get healthy if you could do it for free? Dr. Oz is ready to prove to you that is possible!

Dr Oz: LOZO.com Grocery Coupons by Email

Did you know the average family in America spends $134.80 per week on groceries? That is nearly $600 per month, but Dr. Oz says it ends today because he has solutions to help you get free groceries and slash your grocery bill right away! He brought in Miss Coupon Diva herself, Joyce K. House, to show you how to get it done and she even has advice to get the healthy stuff like fruits and vegetables for free!

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