Dr Oz: Mary J. Blige Mary Christmas Album & PMS Food Remedies


Dr Oz: Why You Should Avoid Drinking Wine During PMS

Dr. Oz says we all had unhealthy habits when we were younger. Whether it was alcohol, smoking cigarettes or eating junk food, though, he says it is never too late to improve your health and Mary J. Blige is living proof of that!

Dr Oz: Mary J. Blige ‘Mary Christmas’ Holiday Album

Mary J. Blige says she has always loved Christmas because it brings out more love and respect in everyone, which is why she felt inspired to create her first-ever Christmas album titled Mary Christmas. Mary told Dr. Oz that she has always tried to make her health a priority, but since turning 40 a few years ago is has become even more important to her to look and feel good. She admits to hating herself when she was younger because she simply did not know how to show herself love after being abused as a child. Mary says that is the reason she put on a “tough girl” persona and ended down a dark path toward drugs and alcohol.

Dr Oz: Mary J. Blige Cocaine Abuse

Dr Oz: Mary J. Blige Mary Christmas Album & PMS Food Remedies

Dr Oz says to replace chips and french fries with nuts to get the crunch and salt that you crave during PMS.

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