Dr Oz: Mushroom Coffee Mix, Drinking Chocolate & Maca Milk


Dr Oz: Functional Health Drinks

Max Lugavere visited the Natural Products Expo West to learn more about the more than 3,000 health foods and drinks coming to a store near you. After sharing his top three health foods from the expo, Max then wanted to share his favorite drinks, or more specifically functional health drinks.

Max explained that functional health drinks are essentially drinks that have added roots, herbs, or other compounds with bioactive properties or things that are good for you to help satiate hunger and boost your health.

Dr Oz: Mushroom Coffee Mix

Before the show, Max passed out cups of coffee with a mystery ingredient to members of the audience. Those audience members liked the coffee, explaining that it tasted slightly different than regular coffee and although it was black, it tasted like it didn’t need sweetener or creamer. One described it as tasting like a mixture between coffee and tea.


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