Dr. Oz: New GMO Apple Doesn’t Turn Brown & What is an Arctic Apple?


Dr. Oz: GMO Apple Doesn’t Turn Brown

Dr. Oz kicked off his show talking about a new genetically modified apple that’s been designed not to turn brown after being bitten into or cut. The United States Department of Agriculture recently approved the first genetically modified apple, called the “arctic apple”, according to Dr. Oz. This apple was modified by a Canadian company called Okanagan. It stays fresh and white for days.



  1. Sue Kilpatrick says

    I just watched Dr Oz. The guest, Neal, was on the show discussing GMO apples. He made an ignorant comment. “People find it difficult to text, eat an apple and drive”. NOBODY should be texting and driving.
    Shame on you Dr.Oz, for not correcting his stupid remark.

  2. Sharon Cooper says

    The point that was not brought up is that any produce with a 4 digit code is gmo. So, just becuse your apple turns brown does not mean it’s non gmo. If you want non gmo you have to buy 100% certified organic. Bottom line…check your codes.you’ll see you’re eating gmo foods for the most part.

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