Dr Oz: Nourish Your Body For Meditation & What Are F.L.U.N.C. Foods?


Dr Oz: What Are F.L.U.N.C. Foods?

Dr. Oz and Deepak Chopra are sharing the 21-Day Meditation Detox Cleanse to help you reduce stress and improve your overall health. They explained how meditation works and how you can begin to nourish your body in order to decrease stress hormones in just three short weeks if you follow Deepak’s plan.

Deepak Chopra’s Food Rules To Nourish Your Body For Meditation

Dr Oz: Nourish Your Body For Meditation & What Are F.L.U.N.C. Foods?

Deepak Chopra says the most important way to reduce stress and prepare for meditation is to nourish your body with the right combination of foods, so you can avoid cravings and unhealthy binging.



  1. Frances says

    Does no frozen food mean we all need to hunt and fish right before a meal? I would be unable to eat meat and could catch very little fish. Flash frozen fish seems safest to me. My organic free-range meat is frozen when delivered. It would go bad if left out. I can’t see most people being able to kill and eat fresh meat.

  2. z says

    What is wrong with leftovers? Many people cook on the weekends to have healthy food available during the week. Now those are leftovers and no longer are healthy foods? Who can buy and cook fresh each day?

  3. z says

    Or I guess that would be grow and raise livestock in the back yard. Bought food is not good either. The average citizen does not live on a farm or have staff to take care of all this!

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