Dr Oz OJ Buying Guide: What Orange Juice is Healthy? Concentrate?


Dr Oz: Is Orange Juice Healthy?

Orange juice was once a breakfast staple but recently it’s lost a lot of it’s popularity. Dr Oz is asking whether O.J. deserves another chance. Investigative reporter Mark Schatzker explained that it didn’t take long for consumers to realize that orange juice was closer to soda than actual oranges. He pointed out that “even mommy blogs started shunning parents who gave their kids O.J.”  So Doctor Oz put together an O.J. Buying Guide to help us figure out which is healthiest – frozen from concentrate? Store-bought in a carton? Or none at all?!?

Dr Oz’s OJ Buying Guide

Consumers were told orange juice was contributing to diabetes and obesity so, not surprisingly, we all cut back. But then Americans began drinking more sweetened breakfast drinks like juice bar beverage, bottled smoothies, and frozen coffee drinks. So the question is: is orange juice really as bad for us as we once thought?  The shocking truth is on the next page…

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