Dr Oz: Orange Juice Buying Guidelines & Concentrated Orange Juice


Dr Oz: Bottled Orange Juice vs Concentrated

Many of us consider orange juice to be the ultimate healthy drink, but Dr. Oz says the beverage has come under attack because you might not always be getting what you think. He reveals the truth about some of the most popular brands you buy at the grocery store.

Dr Oz: Orange Juice Buzzwords to Avoid

Today Dr. Oz reveals what you need to know about orange juice because even though the label might contain one thing, what you actually get might be a whole other story. He addresses some of the most popular “claims” found on labels of orange juice containers because they appear to mean more than they really do. Dr. Oz says it is important to educate yourself so you do not fall prey to the marketing buzzwords that companies use to get you to buy their product.


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