Dr Oz: Peppermint Oil Aids Digestion & Healthy Butter Spread Recipe


Dr Oz: Hemp Seed Oil Lowers Blood Pressure

Dr. Oz has the anti-aging secrets to help you live longer and improve your health. He shared the best ones to reduce stress, improve your memory, and fight fat and now he has the best oils to consume that will reverse aging! Get ready to add these powerful antioxidants to your shopping list!

Dr Oz: Oils – Look for Cold Pressed or Expeller Pressed

Avocado Oil Improves Vision

Use avocado oil instead of olive oil in your favorite salad dressing recipe to improve your vision!


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    Please note that all oils are not the same.
    Even though oils are not certified by FDA, some are of higher quality than others and the public needs to be made aware of this difference. There is a vast difference in the cost. I have used oils due to Migraine Headaches for over 30 years and feel experienced in their use.

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