Dr Oz: Red Meat Health Risks & L-Carnitine Energy Drink Warning


Dr Oz: Danger of L-Carnitine Chemical Found in Energy Drinks

Dr. Oz has already shared one urgent health warning regarding taking too much Calcium, but he has another one that could affect your entire family. Find out what you need to know about the red meat you are eating and the risk it poses to your health. The reason might surprise you, but Dr. Oz says you need to hear his warning so you can take steps to protect yourself and your family.

Dr Oz: New Red Meat Health Risks

Dr. Oz says he and other medical professionals have always believed the fat and cholesterol found in red meat could cause damage to your heart, but new medical evidence shows a naturally occurring chemical called L-Carnitine is really to blame. Ashley Koff, a Registered Dietitian, says the L-Carnitine will have a different effect on every person, depending on the amount of bacteria in their body. She says the good news is that if you stop eating red meat for a while you will literally starve the bacteria that needs it to survive, which will reduce your risk for heart disease.

Dr Oz: Tips to Reduce the Amount of Meat in Your Diet

Dr. Michael Greger says he recommends a 3-R model for the amount of red meat a person should eat.

  • Reduce meat consumption by adopting Meatless Mondays, for example.
  • Replace your favorite red meat with healthier alternatives, like beans in burritos or marinara sauce for pasta.
  • Refine intake by choosing healthier alternatives to meat or by looking at them as a side dish rather than the main part of your meal.

Dr Oz: L-Carnitine Supplement Risks

Dr. Oz revealed the shocking truth that L-Carnitine is not only found in red meat, but also in many of the popular energy drinks you or your kids are drinking. Dr. Greger says some of those drinks contain the same amount of L-Carnitine as an 8-ounce steak! He also says he would never recommend anyway take an L-Carnitine Supplement. Dr. Oz echoed that supplement, even though he has recommend L-Carnitine Supplements in the past to help people burn calories and lose weight. He firmly believes nobody should be taking this high-risk supplement.

Dr Oz: Tips to Create a Healthy Digestive System

Dr Oz: Red Meat Health Risks & L-Carnitine Energy Drink Warning

Ashley Koff says you can improve the health of your gut by eating foods like lemons and limes and by taking a Probiotic Supplement.


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    This is good info.
    Ellen G. White “Counsel on Diet and Foods”, written in the 19th century, warned about the dangers of eating meat and gave advice on healthy life styles…in fact we (USA) could lower our health care cost significantly if we followed the Levitical diet our Creator gave us.
    Visit Bibleuniverse.com

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