Dr Oz: Self-Heimlich Maneuver + How to Save Your Own Life When Choking


Dr Oz: How to Save Your Own Life When Choking

Dr. Oz says that it happens to everyone at some point. You are eating your food and suddenly it goes down the wrong way and you begin coughing and choking and suddenly unable to breathe. He asked for an Assistant of the Day to help him explain what you can do if this frightening experience ever happens to you!

Dr Oz: What Causes Choking?

Dr. Oz explains that when we take a deep breath in, the throat swallows and a flap opens to allow air into the lungs and when we eat, our food takes a different path into the stomach where it gets digested. A problem occurs when that breathing valve accidentally gets left opened and creates a detour so foods go where they are not supposed to and causes you to choke. Dr. Oz says there are a few things that can cause this to happen, including:


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