Dr Oz: Should You Wash Raw Chicken & Can You Die Of a Broken Heart?


Dr Oz: Should You Wash Pre-Washed Lettuce?

Dr. Richard Besser used to work for the CDC, but now he travels all over the world to chase down the health stories you need to hear about so you can protect yourself and your family from the most serious of illnesses. Dr. Besser sat down with Dr. Oz to discuss his biggest food safety concerns.

Dr Oz: Should You Wash Raw Chicken?

Dr. Richard Besser says rather than just focusing on treating diseases, we also need to put a focus on finding ways to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Dr. Besser says people need to hear information they can use to protect their family. One of his biggest health concerns is with the safety of our food supply, with beef and poultry containing the highest risk for contamination. Dr. Besser says we all need to consider every piece of raw meat as being contaminated, like in the case of chicken. He argues that 30-40% of our meat supply is contaminated, a percentage that stunned Dr. Oz as well as his audience. Dr. Besser says luckily we do not consume raw chicken in the United States, but with so many people liking a rare hamburger he worries it puts them at greater risk for consuming contaminated meat. He says it is very important to cook your ground beef properly and avoid eating it rare in order to protect yourself and your family.


  1. mary mcmanaway says

    on the Dr. Oz show last week, he talked about purchasing vegetable powder?? Where can I purchase this in my city of Canton, Ohio? Noone seems to have it or even know what it is??

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