Dr Oz: Sushi Scams, How to Avoid Fish Fraud & Escolar Ex-Lax Fish


Dr Oz: Avoid Fish Fraud

Today is a Dr. Oz Alert that you simply cannot miss! He has a warning about your favorite foods that will shock you! Counterfeit Foods: Buyer Beware is the subject that has Doctor Oz downright appalled because you could be the victim of fish fraud and has the information you need to know about this deceitful practice that is happening right at your local grocery store.

Dr Oz: What is Food Fraud?

Shaun Kennedy, Director of the National Center for Food Protection & Defense, helped Dr. Oz and his viewers to understand the definition of food fraud. Shaun explained it is when you buy a product based on the label and it is not what it appears to be, which is referred to by the FDA as economically altered adulteration. He went on to say it is when a company is trying to sell you something cheaper than what you think you are buying, but the worst part is that it can cause serious risks to your health. Shaun Kennedy told Dr. Oz that food fraud is happening more often nowadays because it comes down to money and profit.

Dr Oz: Sushi Scams

Dr Oz: Sushi Scams, How to Avoid Fish Fraud & Escolar Ex-Lax Fish

Beth Lowell says that the most common cases of fish fraud occur with Sushi, especially tuna.


  1. Rick Schuster says

    The easiest way to avoid FISH FRAUD ,is to require, a
    that a small piece of skin of the fish …be left on the fish…
    The same as at the Canadian border

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