Dr Oz: The Dirty Dozen Food List & Does Meat Contain Pesticides?


Dr Oz: Dirty Dozen Food List

While you cannot see or smell pesticides, they are almost always in your food. Unfortunately, they are in many of the foods that Dr. Oz wants you to eat the most, which led him to take a closer look at what is known as The Dirty Dozen Food List. These are the foods that contain the highest levels of pesticide residue and I bet you eat some of them every day.

  • Apples – Pesticides can literally get inside the apple and leak down into the core.
  • Celery – Always chop the bottom off because that is where pesticides can pool and collect with water that builds up.
  • Cherry Tomatoes, Nectarines, Grapes and Peaches – These make the list because they all contain skins that you eat, which can the pesticides can penetrate.
  • Potatoes – Many of us love potatoes, but they contain high amounts of pesticides.
  • Cucumbers – Have been found to be laced with as many as 35 pesticides!
  • Spinach – Since this vegetable is a “ground hugger” and can drink in pesticides at its stalks.
  • Strawberries – Since they grow close to the ground, farmers often use high amounts of pesticides to keep pesky bugs away.
  • Peppers – Sweet and hot peppers have been found to contain the highest amount of pesticides of all fruits and vegetables.

Dr Oz: The ‘Clean Fifteen’ Low Pesticide Foods

While washing and peeling foods from the “Dirty Dozen” list can reduce your risk for pesticide exposure, it is not going to completely protect you. Nutritionist Kate Geagan says we simply cannot wash and peel our way out of the problem, but we can make better choices so she shared another list called “The Clean Fifteen” that includes foods with the lowest amount of pesticide residue.


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