Dr Oz: The Plan Cleanse Results & Reactive vs Non-Reactive Foods


Dr Oz: Lose Weight Eating Cookies

Dr. Oz is talking with Lyn-Genet Recitas about her groundbreaking diet, simply called The Plan. It is the Anti-Diet that will unlock the mystery of weight loss. Not only has Lyn-Genet shocked Dr. Oz and his audience with the notion that potato chips are healthier than bananas, but she has also promised you will lose 5 pounds during the 3-Day Cleanse portion of her plan. Are you ready to lose weight and get healthy? This could be the answer you have been waiting for to shed pounds for good.

Dr Oz: The Plan Cleanse Results

Three of Dr. Oz’s viewers participated in the 3-Day Cleanse portion of Lyn-Genet Recitas’s Plan for weight loss. They all lost several pounds, as promised, and are eager to move forward and continue their weight-loss journeys. Now that they have all completed the initial cleanse, Lyn-Genet recommends they add back foods that are less reactive, like Goat Cheese and bread, every other day, to see if anything causes inflammation in their bodies.

Dr Oz: Reactive Foods vs Non-Reactive Foods

Dr Oz: The Plan Cleanse Results & Reactive vs Non-Reactive Foods

Lyn-Genet Recitas says that you could lose more weight eating cookies than from eating asparagus if they are less reactive in your body.


  1. Bo Michaels says

    I prepared to begin the “Plan” and am very discouraged already on day1. I prepared the flaxseed granola and I cannot eat it. The flavor isn’t bad, but I cannot get it down. I simply gag on it. I attempted eating it several times, but to no avail. Please advise, as I really want to make this work. Thanks!

  2. Sissy says

    I have severe food allergies to common foods. I can tell you that you can teach your body to accept/like anything.(ask a smoker about their first cigarettes) You will even learn to crave them. I know it sounds crazy but it is true… I always say, “I will persist until I succeed.”

    You could try putting the seeds in a coffee grinder, trying them when they are wet or putting the wet mixture in the blender and drinking it. Good luck!

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