Dr Oz: Thrive Market Review, Vitacost Review & Inexpensive Health Food


Dr. Oz: Inexpensive Health Food?

Dr. Oz talked about how consumers can find inexpensive health food. Investigator Elisabeth Leamy had a special report on this issue.

Dr Oz: Thrive Market Review, Vitacost Review & Inexpensive Health Food

Dr Oz talked to Elisabeth Leamy about her investigation into ways to get cheaper health food online. Is Vitacost or Thrive Market a better option? (3Dmask / Shutterstock.com)

She explained in a pre-taped package that now you can use the internet to buy cheap health food. It’s a $27 billion industry.

Dr. Oz: Thrive Market Review

Thrive Market is the latest online grocer to offer natural and organic products delivered to your doorstep. It lets you search for foods according to your lifestyle, including cholesterol free, GMO free, and gluten free, as well as other options.

Dr. Oz: Vitacost Review

Another online grocer, Vitacost, has a new app to make shopping easier wherever you are. Vitacost used to just sell vitamins, but now they offer healthy foods and recipes.



  1. Kiyoko Soaring-Eagle says

    Thrive has a free trial for it’s membership fee of $59.95 annually. When I called in to cancel my trial free membership (there is no contact link that works for emailing!) Dina told me that in the future, if I use the email I originally gave them to sign in, I would immediately be charged the membership fee. So you have to use a different email to sign in – I assume they would refund your $ if you did that by mistake but a hassle, right? Don’t like that policy or think it is right.

    Also, don’t like that there is no way to cc them this email.

    On the bright side, their free offer and discount introduced me to Pure Cashw Coconut bars which are all organic and taste it. And they are giving free memberships to low-income fams with every paid membership.



  2. Paulette says

    How upset would you be if you purchased edible seeds and the website did not disclose that they were grown in China??…..and the company said they have no obligation to disclose that to their customers…….and it’s supposed to be a health conscious, ethical company?

    Thrive Market is that company. I purchased 3 bags of “Woodstock Organic Pumpkin Seeds” to use in my bread baking and nowhere on the product information page was it shown that these were a product of China.

    Thrive Market just told me again that they did not believe that they were withholding important information and that they are refusing to refund my money. I even offered to send the offending seeds back to them.

    Their customer service sucks and I’ve been in that business for 50 yrs. How many potential customers might this review reach and how many sales might they lose? I think it potentially could be much more than the <$20 they owe me.

  3. says

    Hi Kiyoko! We apologize for any misunderstanding- signing back into your account will not charge you. The only way that you would be charged for membership after canceling your trial would be if you placed another order or reactivated your membership manually in the “membership” tab. We definitely want you to be able to sign back in and browse all of the new products that we have added since you last shopped with us!

    I am very sorry for your experience Paulette and I have verified that you were already refunded for the seeds despite them being opened and not returned to us. Our team is working on adding pictures of the backs of all of our products. We thank you very much for trying out Thrive Market!

  4. Mario & Shirley Bravomalo says

    I was so upset to see a charge of $59.95 on my credit card for Thrive Market membership. When I saw an ad for trying their organic beef soup stock for $1.95 I thought that would be something great to try. Never did I imagine that buying that soup stock would cost me $59.95 for a membership fee!! What a disappointment. I am asking for this charge to be taken off my account. Hopefully that will happen…otherwise I would never purchase anything there again. Also I see that Vitacost is now carrying a big line of organics and Non-GMO foods…and NO membership fee.

  5. says

    Hi Mario & Shirley! We apologize for any misunderstanding- When you place your first order with us you are enrolled in a 30 day free trial, which is explained on the checkout page.You can reach out if you decide not to become a member but we hope that you will enjoy how fast the savings of 25-50% add up. Most members find that they make back the cost of membership in just 2-3 orders!

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