Dr Oz: Curcumin Supplement for Depression & Thyroid Pencil Test


Dr Oz: Hypothyroidism Warning Signs

Dr. Oz is constantly hearing from who complain women that they are freezing all the time, so he asked for an Assistant of the Day to help him explain why this happens and what you can do to warm up!

Dr Oz: Thyroid Pencil Test

Dr Oz: Curcumin Supplement for Depression & Thyroid Pencil Test

Dr Oz says turmeric could be the key to boosting your mood when the winter blues get you down. Check out his dosing recommendation.



  1. JoAnn Mac Diarmid says

    Took the pencil test, not much hair past the pencil. Am cold most of the time, especially hands and feet. Thyroid has been tested many times and is in the low end of normal so Dr. says it’s fine. If so why am I cold plus have been overweight all my life since babyhood. What can I do for this, something that is natural, that might help this problem. Thank you.


  2. says

    The diagnostic tests for low thyroid are not always accurate, and the physiology of the thyroid is complex. Some people make enough inactive hormone, but the body is not able to activate it. Or the body might make antibodies against its own thyroid tissue. These complex factors need to be sorted out in order to treat the imbalance properly. Extinguishing inflammation, cleaning out toxins and provide nutritional support should in my opinion be tried before meds. May I suggest – probiotics, curcumin and TLS Acts [a thyroid support product.] Contact me for how to get at a serious discount bonnieatbonniechurchdotcom

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