Dr Oz: Tips To Increase Bone Strength & What Is Lactose Intolerance?


Dr Oz: Gluten vs Lactose Intolerance

Could dairy products be ruining your health? Many of our refrigerators and freezers are filled with ice cream, cheeses and milk, but how much is too much? Dr. Oz says you could be allergic or sensitive to diary and not even know it! He shared the surprising fact that three times more people are sensitive to dairy products than there are people sensitive to gluten, so he wants the possibility on your radar screen in case someone in your family might have a dairy allergy.

Dr Oz: What Is Lactose Intolerance?

Dr. Oz invited a couple who are self-proclaimed dairy lovers to his show to talk about the amount of dairy they consume and whether it could have a negative effect on their health. They both admit to having some stomach problems, especially after eating a lot of dairy, so they want to find out whether the dairy could be the cause of their health issues. Dr. Oz revealed the results of several blood tests to the husband, Julio, and the numbers were not good. His bad cholesterol is

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