Dr Oz: Trash Fish & Under Loved Fish Map, Guide & Monkfish Recipe


Dr Oz: Under-Loved Fish, Trash Fish & Bi-Catch Fish

In another Food Truth investigation, Dr Oz took a closer look at what’s called “Trash Fish.” While the name doesn’t exactly sound appetizing, Dr Oz claims it’s the fish we should be eating but likely aren’t. Food journalist, Larry Olmstead, claims that Trash Fish are delicious, nutritious, and cost-effective. Larry explained that there are hundreds of species of fish commercially available in the United States, yet we focus only on a few. More than half of the seafood we eat in our country is just three species: salmon, shrimp, and tuna. Even worse than that, over 90% of the fish that we eat comes from the top ten most popular species.  This is shocking, considering that we have hundreds of species to pick from.

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