Dr Oz: Vegetable Powder Review, Buying Guidelines & One Minute Soup


Dr Oz: Vegetable Powder Review

Dr. Oz shared the three best-kept health secrets and the best part is they were all tested by Dr. Oz himself! He started with one that will restore your energy and provide you will important nutrients to get you through the day!

Vegetable Powder – Imagine combining 31 different vegetables into one little tablespoon to give you a healthy energy boost from the foods you need most! It is recommended adults eat five servings of vegetables per day, but most do not, so Dr. Oz said this vegetable powder could be the solution.

  • Take vegetable powder in the morning to boost your iron levels, which is especially important in women who have not gone through menopause yet and often complain they have no energy.
  • Add one tablespoon of vegetable powder to an eight ounce glass of orange juice – orange juice is the best choice because it helps with the absorption of iron.

Dr Oz: One Minute Vegetable Powder Soup

Vegetable Powder Review

Dr Oz shared one of the best-kept health secrets to give you an energy boost that will get you through the day! He says vegetable powder is a great way to consume your veggies without having to shop and dice all day long!

  • 1 tablespoon vegetable powder
  • 2 cups vegetable broth
  • 2 ounces Soba noodles or package of Shirataki noodles
  • 3 ounces of cooked chicken

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and heat in the microwave for one minute. Enjoy for a quick and healthy lunch!

Dr Oz: Potassium Sleep Benefits

Vegetable powder contains a good amount of potassium, which will help you get to sleep at night. Dr. Oz recommends incorporating the vegetable powder into your dinner by mixing one tablespoon with your favorite low-sodium store-bought sauce (like a marinara sauce).

Dr Oz: Vegetable Powder Buying Guidelines

Dr. Oz provided a list of guidelines to follow when you purchase vegetable powder:

  • Read the label
  • Low-temperature drying process
  • No additives
  • All vegetable ingredients
  • Recognize all ingredients
  • Cost is about $29 for a one month supply.
  • Buy at health food stores or online.


  1. says

    where can I buy the vegetable powder that Dr Oz showed on the show? The ones here on line have alot of ingrediences in it that I do not recognize.

    Thank you

  2. terry says

    Where can I buy the vegetable powder at? The ones I see on line have too many added ingredients, thank u !!!

  3. Susan Jane Moon says

    I have been using Greens from It works which is your sevings of veggies and detoxes as well Do you recommend this as a good veggie powder?

  4. Marie says

    I would also like to know where can I buy the vegetable powder that was shown on the show.
    Thanks in advance, Marie

  5. Beth Hands says

    what is the brand name of the vegetable powder on show. All in Santa Fe have too many other ing. first. online searches are not going so well.

  6. Evie says

    What is the brand name and where can I get the vegetable powder mentioned on your show. The choices are many but so are the ingredients.

  7. charlotte fauth says

    I would like to know the brand name of a Vegetable Powder that contains 31 vegetables on the Dr. OZ show. Charlotte Fauth

  8. says

    What type/brand of Vegetable Powder did Dr. Oz use on the show. Please let me know. I would like to purchase it but the online versions have alot of ingrediences in it that I do not recognize.

  9. gene says

    Has anyone found out the name of the vegetable powder that Dr. Oz uses and where do you get it at

  10. Beatrice Nell Bryant says

    Dr. Oz,
    What is the Brand name of the Vegetable Powder with 31 different in it? My address:2012 Duss Avenue #1D, Ambridge, Pa. 15003 or Telephone #724-266-2121, please write me or telephone me the answer. My health store wants to order the VEGETABLE POWDER FOR ME. Thank you, Beatrice

  11. Judy says

    I’m looking for the vegetable powder that Dr. Oz had on his show. There is way to many out there to choose from. Please email me.

  12. Chad says

    If anyone recorded that segment maybe they could “pause” on the shot of the container and let us know. I searched online for hours with no luck.

  13. Anna says

    The container of vegetable powder shown on the Dr. Oz show is generic. No brand name was shown. Dr. Oz has stated many times throughout the history of his show that he does not promote any certain brands. If you follow the guidelines given for what he suggests for the vegetable powder you’ll find the right one. You just have to do a little investigating by reading labels and shopping around. I would suggest starting at your local health food store.

  14. Elisa says


    I have contacted all the major vitamin retailers – Swanson, Vitacost etc and all local health food stores – including Whole Foods and Earthfare – and NONE has any idea of what this vegetable powder is. If one searches online – using vegetable powder, 31 vegetables, low drying temp, cost etc – nothing fits the criteria…

    Please let us know – it is tanishing the shows credibility. Mentioning multiple brands would not be an endorsement for any one…



  15. says

    I have searched the internet, I have visited my local health food stores and GNC stores , drug stores ,etc….to no avail. There is nothing that even comes close to what Dr. Oz was talking about. All of the vegetable protein powders have way too many ingredients. EVERYONE is looking for this!Dr Oz is there REALLY a product like the one you were showing on TV or did your Graphic Arts department make the label and glue it onto a can? I have spent many hours trying to find a product which I am beginning to think does NOT exist. …..Sharon

  16. says

    I don’t think that there is a product like the one you showed on the TV Show ! I have searched high and low for an All Vegetable Protein Powder like the one you showed…with no luck. Nothing even comes Close to the product on your show. Please if there is such a product, Give us the Brand name and where we can buy it. Announce it on your show PLEASE. Sharon

  17. Carole says

    I, too, am searching for the vegetable powder that Dr. Oz recommended on his show. Please tell us where we can purchase this vegetable powder!

  18. Stephanie says

    I went to our big health food store here in Calgary, AB (Canada) and found a couple. They are in the greens section & are essentially greens product but with the emphasis on veggies & fruit.
    There was Progressive VegeGreens Vegan Protein ( i couldn’t take that because I can’t have ginseng or ginko)
    I ended up buying Garden of Life’s Great Greens (Raw, organic gerens food, formerly called Perfect Food Raw)
    They both have a plethora of veggies and fruit as well as probiotics, organic sprout blends & gren juice blend (wheat, kamut, barlet etc…)
    1st is made in Canada, 2nd is imported by to Toronto but distributed by U.S. co
    Good luck

  19. says

    Dr Oz did not mention a brand, but Swanson has a vegetable powder that sounds very similar (it has 35 vegetables / fruits / etc.) and you mix 2 TB into water and simply drink it (or add it to soup like Dr Oz said!). You can buy it at the following link: Vegetable Powder by Swanson. Also, here is the list of all of the vegetables, fruits, extracts, etc. found in Swanson’s Vegetable Powder:

    Tomato Fruit
    Hawaiian Spirulina (plankton)
    Apple Pectin Powder
    Sunflower Lecithin (non-GMO)
    Carrot Root
    Alfalfa Leaf Juice Concentrate
    Broccoli (florets)
    Parsley Leaf
    Wheat Grass
    Jerusalem Artichoke Leaf Extract
    Spinach Leaf
    Celery Stalk & Leaf
    Grapefruit Pectin (peel)
    Lime Fruit
    Orange Fruit
    Pea Legume
    Atlantic Kelp
    Brown Rice Bran
    Cabbage Leaf
    Kale Leaf
    Lemon Juice
    Onion Bulb
    Pineapple Fruit
    Papaya Fruit
    Cranberry Fruit
    Garlic Bulb
    Apricot Fruit
    Squash Fruit
    Black Cherry Fruit
    Beet Juice
    Elderberry Fruit Extract 4:1
    Grape Skin Extract
    Grapeseed Extract (Vitis vinifera)
    (standardized to 95% proanthocyanidins)
    Cayenne Pepper (fruit)

    Swanson also makes a capsule for those who don’t want to drink the powder mixed with water, which you can find at the following link: Fruit & Vegetable Blend Capsules. It has even better reviews and it seems like a good alternative for people who may not like the taste of the powder. It does seem to have fewer vegetables in it, but it also costs less to try.

    Hope this helps everyone!

  20. John Lomax says

    I can’t even find a health food store, including GNC, that has ever heard of a vegetable powder except with protein. I also need it to be gluten free. Swanson’s has wheat grass, and the reviews were really bad. This is such a good idea without a solution that I can find. Please reply if you find the solution.

  21. Kerry McGregor says

    Hi, could you tell me the brand of vegetable powder you showed us on your show, I would like to get the one you recommend,there are so many you can buy. I am in Australia

  22. karri says

    Swanson’s has fruit. He said ALL VEGETABLE. That’s certainly not it. Someone post if you find it.

  23. Anna says

    I just watched the video again on Dr. Oz’s site, He did NOT say that it HAS to be ALL VEGETABLE. I looked at the video very closely. The label shows fruits and vegetables on it. It also says, “RAW, ORGANIC, VEGAN” Dr. Oz also starts off by stating that there are 34 vegetables in it, not 31 as some people are stating. But I believe since it is called vegetable powder that he is calling it just that, “Vegetable Powder” even though it also has fruit. From the Swanson label I see there are more veggies than fruit, so they’re probably just calling it vegetable powder instead of vegetable and fruit powder. The main thing is, NO CHEMICALS, and slow drying process.

  24. Joanne says

    Has anyone figured out what product(s) Dr. Oz was showing on his “vegetable powder” episode. Haven’t been able to find anywhere. Please let us know. We all want to try it.

  25. Rose says

    I am also searching the powder recommended by Dr. Oz. PLEASE someone let us know the name and where to find it. I can’t find anything with 31 or 34 veggies – or any thing near those numbers. I did try a powder from GNC but found it difficult to dissolve and in my opinion not a good taste. Again, has anyone found the powder they believe is the one recommended by Dr. Oz?

  26. Mandy Stein says

    Dr Oz did not and will not be specifying a brand of the vegetable powder. He created a fake veg powder container for the show so as to NOT advertise and brand. Stop being so lazy America and research it yourself.

  27. Mandy Stein says

    Duhh! This website is not an official dr oz website so stop asking dumb questions. Lazy people need to be accountable and research it for themselves. I found a handful of the recommended veg powders online, but I will not share my intelligence with lazy people or low iq people.

  28. Carolyn says

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