Dr Oz: Veggie Pasta Recipe & Nintendo Wii Bowling Viewer Challenge


Dr Oz: Healthy $5 Pasta Meal

Dr. Oz wanted to bring his fans the best remedies to help change their lives, but he also wanted them to be inexpensive. With the help of Harvard Medical School and Canyon Ranch spa, he shared some of the best ways to treat your biggest complaints, from bad breath to chapped lips. Now get ready for a healthy $5 meal from the Culinary Institute of America!

Dr Oz: Veggie Pasta Pie

The Culinary Institute of America is the center of food in the United States. It is where many chefs are educated and trained in the culinary field, including some famous ones. Jennifer Stack, a Culinary Institute Chef and author of the book The Diabetes-Friendly Kitchen, came up with some $5 meals that are healthy and delicious!

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