Dr Oz: What To Keep In Your Fridge & Refrigerator Organization Tips


Dr Oz: Always Avoid Nitrates In Sandwich Meats

Dr. Oz asked his viewers to turn in their friends and family members who are in desperate need of fridge makeovers. I do not mean that Dr. Oz wanted to buy anyone a new refrigerator. Instead he wanted to see the food inside these unhealthy fridges and offer some advice to make them a little more “Oz Approved.”

Dr Oz: Fridge Rules – Store Foods In Designated Drawers

The first request for help came from a woman who said her friend’s fridge is so bad that she hates to visit her because it is way too tempting, especially since she is trying to lose weight. It definitely revealed a lot of tempting junk food, like cold pizza and leftover fried mozzarella sticks. Dr. Oz said these are just bait trying to reel you in when you are trying to be healthy, but a treat every now and then is okay.

  • No more than two temptations at a time
  • Use designated drawers – Fruits = Crisper, Veggies = High Humity, Meat & Cheeses = Coldest
  • Cover leftovers tightly and securely

Dr Oz: Stock Your Fridge For Hungry Teenagers

Dr. Oz heard the plea of a teenage boy who said his fridge is always bare because his mother never buys any food. He said he needs Dr. Oz’s help to get his mom to fill the fridge so he will be able to eat. The mom told Dr. Oz that her fridge is not always that bare, it is just that she has two growing boys to feed and they eat all the time, as I am sure many parents out there can relate to. Dr. Oz recommended that she get a little clever in order to keep those growing boys full and satisfied.

  • Stock up on healthy essentials that kids can easily grab when they are hungry
  • Fridge should have at least three food groups at all times, including lean proteins, healthy carbs and fruits and veggies

Dr Oz: Store Extra Fruit In Freezer To Lengthen Shelf Life

Dr. Oz’s last plea for help came from a man who said his wife fills their fridge so full he can never see what is actually in there to eat. He said that some things do not even belong in the fridge, so he asked Dr. Oz to help him explain to his wife which things need to be in the fridge and which do not. She defended herself by explaining that there are often multiples of the same items in her fridge because when something goes on sale she wants to have it on hand for when they need it. Unfortunately, she has good intentions, but often times the food goes bad and has to be thrown out. Dr. Oz had a few tips for her and anyone else who purchases too much of something at the grocery store.

  • Freeze extra fruit, vegetables and yogurt
  • Put a date on it – can last up to three months

Dr Oz: The Perfect Fridge Essentials

Dr. Oz took helping his brave guests to the next level by giving them advice to create the perfect fridge, even sharing what you would find in his if you walked into his kitchen at home. Here are the staples he thinks everyone needs in their fridge right now.

  • Eggs – Good source of protein
  • Milk – Cow’s milk, almond milk or hemp milk – whatever your prefer
  • Bread – 100% whole grain bread that includes at least three grams of fiber in each slice

Dr Oz: Fridge Essentials – Fruit & Vegetables

Dr Oz: What To Keep In Your Fridge & Refrigerator Organization Tips

Dr. Oz said that if you buy sandwich meats you should always be sure they do NOT include nitrates as an ingredient.

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