Dr Oz: Where To Buy Greek Coffee & Dr Oz’s Boiled Greek Coffee Recipe

By on April 23, 2013

Dr Oz: How Do You Make Greek Coffee?

Dr. Oz shared the super-powered beverage to fight heart disease and live longer! He and medicine hunter Chris Kilham revealed the amazing health benefits found in Greek coffee as well as the unique way it is prepared that gives it the power to protect your body from certain diseases!

Dr Oz: Boiled Greek Coffee Recipe

Dr. Oz brought in a boiled Greek coffee expert to share exactly how to make it so you can enjoy the health benefits of this power drink! Ya-Ya Nouly Lolis says she has been drinking Greek coffee her whole life and at over 60-years-old, she has a healthy heart and plenty of energy! She shared her secret recipe for making perfect Greek coffee:

Dr Oz: Where To Buy Greek Coffee & Dr Oz's Boiled Greek Coffee Recipe

Chris Kilham says while you can either purchase Greek coffee online or in a specialty shop, you still get the same health benefits if you boil your regular coffee as long as it is finely ground.

  • 2 cups cold water
  • 2 teaspoons coffee
  • Bring to a boil and stir
  • Watch for foam to rise

Pour into a small cup and allow the grounds to settle in the bottom before taking a sip. Ya-Ya Nouly Lolis says you should ideally prepare your Greek coffee in a Briki because it is larger on the bottom and narrow at the top, but she says a small pot will work fine, too. Just be sure to look for any bubbles on the surface after you pour yourself a cup of Greek coffee because the more bubbles, the richer you will be.

Dr Oz: Where Can You Buy Greek Coffee?

Chris Kilham says you can certainly purchase Greek coffee from a specialty shop or online, but he says you can achieve the same benefits from regular coffee just as long as it is the fine, espresso grind, which is key to providing you with the added health benefits.

Have you ever tried Greek coffee? If so, did you like it? If not, would you ever consider boiling your coffee instead of brewing it?

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Comments to Dr Oz: Where To Buy Greek Coffee & Dr Oz’s Boiled Greek Coffee Recipe

  1. Ivelisse says:

    I am from the Dominican Republic and both my grandmothers used to prepare their coffee that way. My grandmother from my father’s side lived to be 105 years old. My other grandmother is still alive and she is reaching the century as wel!

  2. I Just want to correct something! This coffee has been known as Turkish coffee all around the world for centuries! Just like yoghurt! Everyone thinks yoghurt is also Greek-invented but its not true. Everyone is welcome to research it on internet..

  3. Good post. I am going through many of these issues
    as well..

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