Dr Oz Whole Foods Mandatory GMO Labeling, Won’t Sell Seafood With GMOs


Dr Oz: Should GMOs Be Labeled?

GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms, have been a part of our food market since 1994. They are meant to lower the risk of diseased crops and increase food supply and are found in many of the foods you are feeding your family. GMOs are most commonly found in soybean and corn products, but are they hazardous to your health? Many health professionals believe they are linked to disease and allergies and maybe even autism. After Dr. Oz last talked about GMOs on his show and made his stance clear he received several emails and letters from those who were not happy with him for sending such a powerful message about a health-related claim.

Dr Oz: Whole Foods Requires Labels On Genetically Modified Foods

Recently, Whole Foods made news when they announced that all foods sold in their stores which contain GMOs must be labeled, even creating a labeling deadline for food suppliers who want to sell their products on Whole Foods’ shelves. By 2018, all products in Whole Foods stores will need to be labeled and they have even made a commitment to not sell any seafood that has been genetically modified. Will other grocery chains follow in their footsteps?

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