Dr Oz: Whole Grain Quiz & Look For Whole Grain Stamp On Food Labels

By on March 6, 2013

Dr Oz: Is Multigrain Better Than Whole Grain?

Dr. Oz shared some of the most powerful super grains that you have probably never heard of before today! Find out what health benefits they all have to offer along with a few surprising added benefits, too!

Dr Oz: Whole Grain Quiz

We are constantly being told to add whole grains to our diet, but what we are buying at the store may not contain the nutrients that we think. Dr. Oz had a few tips to help you shop a little more savvy and avoid the biggest whole grain “traps.”

Dr Oz: Whole Grain Quiz & Look For Whole Grain Stamp On Food Labels

Dr Oz said to avoid whole grain traps you need to read food labels. Look for the whole grain stamp or whole grain as the first ingredient to be sure you are getting the best product!

  1. Of the following, which is actually a whole grain imposter: Brown rice, bulgur or bran? – Bran is NOT a whole grain. Bran is actually the outside of the grain, but does not provide the same nutrients as a whole grain would.
  2. Which of these choices is the healthiest? Whole grain, seven grain or multigrain? The answer is actually whole grain! Beware of the multigrain trap – just because a product has that term on the label does not mean it contains whole grains that are good for you.
  3. Which item contains whole grains? Oatmeal or fiber bar? The answer is oatmeal! Do not get caught up in the trap of believing a product has whole grains just because it says fiber on the package.

Dr Oz: Whole Grain Traps To Avoid

Dr. Oz said there are two definitive ways to know you are getting a product that truly contains whole grains at the grocery store.

  • Look for the whole grain stamp on the package. It will state 100% whole grain, which can give you confidence you are purchasing a quality product.
  • If you do not see the whole grain stamp on the package you need to look at the ingredients and the first one should contain the word “whole” in order to be sure you are getting the most nutritious product possible.

Dr Oz: Oz-Inspired Nail Art

Dr. Oz said that nail art and colorful manicures are popping up on everything, some that are even health-related. He shared a few of his favorites, like one that included fruits and vegetables and another with a Band-Aid painted onto the fingernail. Dr. Oz’s favorite was inspired by his show and included nails painted with hearts and a stethoscope, with one that had a likeness of the doctor himself!

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Comments to Dr Oz: Whole Grain Quiz & Look For Whole Grain Stamp On Food Labels

  1. debra ortizio says:

    OMG I have never been so confused in my entire life.
    Every day a different diet or meal plan or foodsto eat and not eat are on the show.
    One day Dr. Oz says eat vegetarian all week eat protein only on weekends. Then the next day someone is on that says make sure youeat protein at each meal. The dash diet the cholestorol myth, Guide to healthy eating, detox blood sugar solution….. Holy cow Can’t keep up.

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