Dr Oz: Whole Grain Quiz & Look For Whole Grain Stamp On Food Labels


Dr Oz: Is Multigrain Better Than Whole Grain?

Dr. Oz shared some of the most powerful super grains that you have probably never heard of before today! Find out what health benefits they all have to offer along with a few surprising added benefits, too!

Dr Oz: Whole Grain Quiz

We are constantly being told to add whole grains to our diet, but what we are buying at the store may not contain the nutrients that we think. Dr. Oz had a few tips to help you shop a little more savvy and avoid the biggest whole grain “traps.”



  1. debra ortizio says

    OMG I have never been so confused in my entire life.
    Every day a different diet or meal plan or foodsto eat and not eat are on the show.
    One day Dr. Oz says eat vegetarian all week eat protein only on weekends. Then the next day someone is on that says make sure youeat protein at each meal. The dash diet the cholestorol myth, Guide to healthy eating, detox blood sugar solution….. Holy cow Can’t keep up.

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