Dr Oz’s Great Nut Debate: Do Nuts Make You Fat? Are Nuts Healthy?


Dr Oz: Are Nuts A Healthy Snack?

For years, Dr Oz has touted the benefits of nuts, even making a point to include them in several of his diet plans. Dr Oz explained that the snack food he eats every day is under attack, which is why he did this show on The Great Nut Debate. Dietitians have spoken out against nuts and now the government has called them unhealthy. Naturally, Dr Oz sent his go-to investigative food reporter Mark Schatzker to find out what was going on in the war against nuts.

Diamond Foods Company FDA Warning

Dr Oz: Nuts Health Debate + Benefits VS Weight Gain, Inflammation

There’s a debate going on over whether nuts are truly as good for your s once thought and Dr Oz brought in people to weigh in on both sides of the controversy. ([email protected] / Flickr)

Mark explained that according to dietitians, nuts are too high in calories. Paleo blogs claim nuts are bad for us and in 2010 the FDA sent a warning letter to a company called Diamond Foods for saying every time you eat a few walnuts “you’re doing your body a big favor.”

Dr Oz: The Great Nut Debate

According to Diamond Foods, that favor was that all the omega-3s in their walnuts could lower your cholesterol. What Mark found to be particularly odd was that according to the FDA, Diamond Foods was promoting their walnuts as drugs by making that statement. In the warning letter, the FDA wrote “the labeling for these drugs fails to bare adequate instructions for use.”

Do we really need instructions to eat nuts?

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