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Dr Oz: Tips to Boost Your Memory Dr. Oz’s Assistant of the Day was excited to join him on stage to talk about ways you can sharpen your brain to boost your memory for years to come. Dr. Oz says we all want to remember special times in our lives rather than forget them because […]

Dr Oz: Truth or Dare Health Fears If you have ever wanted to play Truth or Dare with Dr Oz, this was your chance with Dr Oz. He put four women to the test and asked them to face their health fears. Learn why you should keep your belly button clean, and find out: what […]

Dr Oz: Game of Twister Most kids and adults probably have played the classic game Twister at some point in life. But Dr Oz had his own ideas about the health benefits of the game, so he created his own version and invited a group from the audience to play. Learn about what happens in […]

3 Things Dr Oz Keeps In His Bag In this segment, Dr Oz finally revealed what he kept in his daily bag. (At least those things that were permissible to show on television anyway.) He used Charlene and Terry to play the guessing game, “3 Things Dr Oz Keeps In His Bag.” Charlene stated that […]

Dr Oz: $500 Health Drop Game Dr Oz brought up 2 audience members (and best friends), Claudia and Lori, to play Dr Oz’s $500 Health Drop. See if you can get the correct answers—and remember, no cheating! Dr Oz: Vitamin D3 Helps Absorb Calcium 1. Which supplement helps calcium strengthen your bones the fastest?  a. […]

Dr Oz: How To Boost Your Brainpower Dr Oz brought up 2 audience members, Favia and Nes (sister-in-laws) to play The $500 Health Drop! as a team. See if you can answer the questions below on how to boost your brainpower. (No cheating!) Dr Oz: Bacopa Boosts Brain Power 1. Which supplement helps boost brainpower?  a. […]

Dr Oz: Heart Attack Prevention In this segment, Dr Oz brought up 2 audience members, Violet and Elizabeth, to choose which foods they thought was the best answer.  See if you can guess the correct answer. Dr Oz Heart Healthy Foods 1. To prevent a heart attack, which food helps you lower blood pressure? a. […]

Dr Oz Skin Problems: In this segment, Dr Oz brought up audience members, Pamela, Carla, and Dawn.  Pamela was embarrassed by her wrinkles, Carla hated her dark under eye circles, and Dawn had spotted skin. The 3 contestants received $100 to start.  See if you can guess the questions to the answers to your Most […]

Dr Oz: Fast Food Healthy Breakfast Dr Oz played a game of Battle of the Drive-Thru Breakfast!  In this segment, Dr Oz brought up two contestants to take the Best Breakfast Challenge.  He gave the contestants (and the audience) a choice of two breakfasts at their favorite fast-food restaurants.  Can you pick the healthier choice? […]

Dr Oz: $500 Health Drop Game Play along to see if you can answer questions in the $500 Dollar Health Drop Game.  Unlike the audience members who won the cash if they guessed correctly, you’ll only win the satisfaction of having this important knowledge! The object of the game was for the players to place […]

Dr Oz: Fit & Healthy Millionaire Dr Oz played a game called “Who Wants To Be a Fit and Healthy Millionaire?” which taught us some of the secret weapons we need to boost our chances of reaching our goal of losing 10% of our body weight. Dr Oz: Best Exercise Doctor Oz’s first question was […]

Dr Oz: Purse Must-Haves Dr Oz did a segment on products that you really need to carry in your purse.  Do you know whether Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen works best for aches and pains?  And what is the best snack to carry around with you – almonds or walnuts? Dr Oz: Ibuprofen vs Acetaminophen Doctor Oz […]

Dr Oz: Octopus & Cheese Have Vitamin B12! Dr Oz played a game called Win Your Daily Dose of Vitamin B12 to teach all of us how to get Vitamin B12 into our diets.  Doctor Oz said that Vitamin B12 is important for our metabolism, memory and it can even help to prevent dementia.  He […]

Dr Oz: Memory Boosting Foods Dr Oz played a game on his show called Are You Smarter Than Your 4th Grader?  The topic of the game was Memory Boosters to pack in your lunch bag.  Doctor Oz had a lady named Barbara, who was a former fourth grade teacher and now a grandma (though I […]

Dr Oz Miracle Drinks Dr Oz played a game called the $500 Health Drop to teach us about Miracle Drinks to keep you young such as Yerba Mate Tea, Celery Juice and Mango Juice.  Here is what Doctor Oz had to say about each of these healthy drinks: Dr Oz: Celery Juice Protects Heart Doctor […]

Dr Oz: Calming Natural Cures Dr Oz did a segment on Natural Cures That Calm, such as Lemon Balm, Passionflower and Valerian Root.  So many of us want to know how to relax, how to stop our anxiety and how to remain calm.  Doctor Oz said that he came up with this list to helps […]

Dr Oz: Health Tests Dr Oz gave two guests three 30 Second Health Challenges: a Balance Test, a Lung Capacity Test and a Fitness Level Test.  Here is how Doctor Oz ran these Health Tests in case you want to try them out at home. Dr Oz: Balance Test Doctor Oz gave each of his […]

Dr Oz Zinc Dr Oz said that Zinc is a must-have mineral that gives you more energy – and who does not need extra energy these days?  Here are some tips on the recommended daily allowance of Zinc for women, along with some of the best sources of Zinc found naturally in foods. Dr Oz: […]

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