Dr Oz: 30 Second Health Challenges

Dr Oz: Health Tests

Dr Oz gave two guests three 30 Second Health Challenges: a Balance Test, a Lung Capacity Test and a Fitness Level Test.  Here is how Doctor Oz ran these Health Tests in case you want to try them out at home.

Dr Oz: Balance Test

Doctor Oz gave each of his guests a plate that they had to balance on their head.  Then they were given 5 blocks that they had to stack one on top of the Dr Oz Health Challengesother, all on top of the plate on their head.  The person to get the most blocks stacked at the end of 30 seconds won.  I could see this being a really fun game for at a kid’s party!  Dr Oz said that when people are older and fall down, it can cause serious problems.  So it is important to practice your balance when you are younger to help avoid problems later on.

Dr Oz: Lung Capacity Test

Dr Oz had three ping pong balls: one was red, one way yellow and one was blue.  Then he had three matching horseshoes (again in red, blue and yellow).  Each lady had to blow the matching ping pong ball into the horseshoe of the same color.

Dr Oz: Fitness Test

Doctor Oz’s final test was a Fitness Level Test, also known as the Inchworm Test or the Inchworm Technique.  Each woman sat on a towel and had to inch her way (without using her hands) in and out of cones.  The first one to reach the end of the course won!

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