Dr Oz: 60 Second Health Challenge: Lung Capacity Ping Pong Test

Dr Oz played a game called 60 Second Health Challenges.  He said that if you have a minute, you can figure out how healthy you are.  Doctor Oz played three 60 Second Challenges to test Lung Capacity, your Back Health and your fitness and agility overall.

Dr Oz: Lung Capacity Ping Pong Ball Test

Dr Oz’s first Health Challenge was a Lung Capacity Test.  He gave both contestants a platter full of ping pong balls.  Most of Dr Oz Health Challengesthe ping pong balls were plain, but four of them were red.  The challenge was to blow the ping pong balls off of the platter, but not the red ping pong balls.  Doctor Oz said that your ability to blow off the ping pong balls in a coordinated fashion is a good test of how healthy your lungs are.

Dr Oz: Back Test

Dr Oz’s second 60 Second Health Challenge checks your Back Health.  You strap a box that looks like one of those rectangular kleenex boxes to your back and place a few balls inside of it.  Then jump and wiggle around to try and get the balls to fall out of the box.  The more balls you get out of the box, the better your torso strength and coordination.

Dr Oz: Agility Test

Dr Oz’s final 60 Second Health Challenge checks your overall fitness and agility.  He strapped two pedometers to each person: one on their wrist and one on their thigh or ankle.  Whoever moved the most according to the pedometer won.  Unfortunately both of his contestants lost one of their pedometers from moving around, but the overall concept was a good one.

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