Dr Oz: Antioxidants: Clove, Ginger & Cinnamon Boost Metabolism

Dr Oz Antioxidant Questions

Dr Oz played a game called Drench The Doc: Antioxidant Edition, where he asked several true / false questions related to Antioxidants.  Just how well do you know your antioxidant facts?  Here is a recap with Dr Oz’s Antioxidants Checklist which is full of advice on antioxidants from Doctor Oz’s show as well.

Dr Oz: Don’t Take Too Many Antioxidants

Dr Oz’s first true / false question was: the more antioxidants you take, the healthier you are?  This is false!  To much of a good Dr Oz Cinnamon Boosts Metabolismthing is often a bad thing.  I wonder which antioxidants specifically we should avoid taking too much of though?

Dr Oz: Antioxidants Topically vs Orally

Doctor Oz’s second true / false question was: when ingesting antioxidants orally or applying them topically, they have different benefits.  This is true.  Antioxidants applied orally do not have the same benefits as antioxidants applied to the skin – and vice-versa.

Dr Oz: Clove, Ginger & Cinnamon Boost Metabolism

Dr Oz’s final true / false antioxidant question was: clove, ginger and cinnamon are low in antioxidants but good for other things.  This is false.  Clove, ginger and cinnamon are all great for boosting your metabolism.


  1. Minnette Gladfelter says

    How much clove, ginger & cinnamon does it take to boost your metabolism?

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