Dr Oz: Apples Help Asthma, Lower Cholesterol & 20% Daily Fiber

Dr Oz’s Golden Road To Good Health

Dr Oz played a game called the Golden Road to Good Health to discuss whether or not an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Doctor Oz spoke about the following three health benefits of apples:

Dr Oz: Apples Lower Cholesterol

Dr Oz’s first question was: apples are rich in pectin which lowers your LDL cholesterol by doing which of the following: Dr Oz Apples Prevent Asthmakeeping you full for longer, helping you sleep or preventing cholesterol absorption.  The answer is that pectin found in apples prevents LDL Cholesterol from being absorbed in your small intestines while also elevating your HDL Cholesterol (your healthy cholesterol).  Both of Dr Oz’s contestants got this question correct and so they won baskets of antioxidant-rich products like apple sauce.

Dr Oz: Apples Help Asthma

Dr Oz’s second question was which of the following does apples help prevent: Asthma, Migraines or Eczema?  The answer is that apples have flavonoids which dilate up the little tubes in your lungs so that you can prevent Asthma attacks.

Dr Oz: Apples Have 20% Daily Fiber

Doctor Oz’s final question was one large apple makes up how much of your recommended daily amount of fiber: 5%, 20% or 45%?  The answer is that one apple has 20% of the fiber that you need in a day.  Both ladies got this question right and so they won a trip to Seven Stars Resort in the Turks and Caicos, plus a spa treatment and round trip airfare for two.

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