Dr Oz: Bad Breath: Magnolia Bark Extract & Cinnamon Gum


Dr Oz’s Prevention Power Hour included a game on how to Prevent Bad Breath.  Doctor Oz said that over 40  million Americans suffer from bad breath from what they eat or drink.  Here are four simple ways to Prevent Bad Breath with Cinnamon Gum, Fish Oil, Magnolia Bark Extract and avoiding Low-Carb Diets.

Dr Oz: Best Gum For Bad Breath is Cinnamon Gum

Dr Oz asked which gum is the best for preventing bad breath: Spearmint Gum or Cinnamon Gum?  Dr Oz said that Cinnamon Gum works the best to kill bad breath because cinnamon has a Dr Oz Bad Breath Remediesunique way to cover up your breath and it has oils that can actually decrease the bacteria in your saliva by 50%.

Dr Oz: Fish Oil Prevents Bad Breath

Dr Oz asked what is the best supplement to prevent bad breath: Vitamin A or Fish Oil?  Fish Oil helps to reduce inflammation and bacteria in your mouth that cause the bad breath.  Dr Oz said you can try a Fish Oil Supplement and combine it with fish in your diet.

Dr Oz: Magnolia Bark Extract for Bad Breath

Dr Oz asked which natural extract is the best for preventing bad breath: Magnolia Bark Extract or Black Cherry Extract?  Dr Oz said that Magnolia Bark Extract has compounds that kill oral bacteria and within 30 minutes it can clear up your bad breath.

Dr Oz: Low Carb Diet Causes Bad Breath

Dr Oz’s final question was which diet is the worst diet for bad breathe: the low carb diet or a vegetarian diet?  Dr Oz said that a Low Carb Diet can cause bad breath that smells like chemicals.


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