Dr. Oz: Beat The Buffet – Diet Tips for Eating At Buffets


Doctor Oz played a game called “Beat The Buffet” on his television show to teach us how to keep our diets and not gain weight when we eat at restaurants with buffets.  See if you can guess which foods are the ones you should eat at the buffet:

Dr. Oz’s Beat The Buffet Game

1.  Which has the least calories: pasta salad, chicken salad or Caesars salad?

ANSWER: Pasta salad only has 160 calories and is the lowest in calories of all of the options.  Caesars salad is the worse for you, and in general you should avoid salads with dressings.

2.  Which has the least calories: beef & broccoli, bbq chicken, eggplant Parmesan, or macaroni and cheese?

ANSWER:  Beef and broccoli, but avoid the extra sauce at the bottom.  Macaroni and cheese was the worst for you.

3.  Which has the least calories: bread pudding, jello, chocolate chip cookies or frozen yogurt?

ANSWER: Frozen yogurt only has 100 calories.  The problem with jello is that is has too much sugar.

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