Dr. Oz: Best Time of Day to Clean, Take Aspirin & Use Deodorant

Doctor Oz played a game called “Best Time of Day” to teach us when the best time of day is to clean our homes, put on deodorant and take an aspirin, all according to our biological clocks!  Why work against our bodies instead of with them?

Best Time of Day Game:

1.  Best Time of Day To Clean Your House:

The best time of day to clean your house is at 4 pm, because your eye-hand coordination is at its best and if you clean too late at night, then the dust won’t have time to settle and can cause allergies while you sleep.

2.  Best Time of Day To Put On Deodorant:

The best time of day to put on deodorant is at 9 PM, after you shower, because your body decreases in temperature at night and so your body absorbs the deodorant better.

3.  Best Time of Day To Take An Aspirin:

The best time of day to take an aspirin is at 10 pm, because it helps to thin your blood and can reduce your chances of having a heart attack while you sleep at night.


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