Dr Oz: Biggest Beauty Sins: Too Much Moisturizer & Hot Hair Dryer


Dr Oz did a segment called Biggest Beauty Sins to teach us what we might be doing in our daily beauty routines that can cause damage.  We all want to look and feel younger, so Doctor Oz brought on Holly Carter to play a game with two women to discuss beauty sins including using too much moisturizer, using pimple creams too often, using a hot hair dryer and washing your face in hot water.

Dr Oz: Moisturizer Beauty Sin

Dr Oz’s first question was which is a beauty sin: using too much moisturizer or too little moisturizer?  The sin is to use too much moisturizer, because Holly Carter Dr Oz Beauty Sinssaid that the excess will not absorb deeply into your skin.  Instead, look for Hylauronic Acid in a product because that will be really moisturizing and you can use just a dime size amount.

Dr Oz: Pimple Cream Beauty Sin

Dr Oz’s second question was which is a beauty sin: using an Acne Cream multiple times per day or using an Acne Cream only before bed?  The sin is to use it multiple times per day, because pimple spot creams have strong acids that penetrate the skin for hours to come and you can get irritation from overusing them.  Pick a Pimple Spot Cream with Salicylic Acid in it and use it just twice a day.

Dr Oz: Hot Hair Dryer Beauty Sin

Dr Oz’s third question was which is a beauty sin: using a hair dryer on the hottest setting for 10 minutes or on a medium setting for 20 minutes?  The sin is drying your hair on the hottest setting for 10 minutes, because Holly Carter said that in just 10 minutes you can do major damage to your hair and even burn your scalp.  Hold the hair dryer 6 inches away from the skin on your arm and hold it for 10 seconds.  If it feels like it is going to burn you, then it is way too hot. WARNING: be careful not to actually burn yourself when doing this test!!!

Dr Oz: Hot Water vs Cold Water To Wash Your Face

Dr Oz’s final question was which is a beauty sin: washing your face with hot water or washing your face with cold water?  Washing your face with hot water makes you feel clean, but it can break your capillaries – especially around the eye area.  So use lukewarm water to wash your face instead and avoid the hot water.

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