Dr Oz: Bourbon Gives Worst Hangover & Red Wine Potassium Levels

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Dr Oz: Bourbon Gives Worst Hangover & Red Wine Potassium Levels

By on February 1, 2011

Dr Oz played a game called The Booze To Lose game.  A nice glass of red wine can be the perfect way to end a tough week, but not all alcoholic drinks are created equally according to Doctor Oz.  So, what drinks should you have and which ones should you avoid?

Dr Oz: Bourbon Causes Worse Hangovers

Dr Oz asked which liquor gives the worst hangover: Gin, Vodka, or Bourbon?  The answer is that Bourbon causes the worst hangovers, because its darker color comes from more of a waste Dr Oz Red Wine Prevents Kidney Stonesproduct that develops as it ages and has a toxic effect that causes more hangovers.  Bourbon has 37 time more of these toxic by-products than Gin, Vodka or clear alcohols.

Dr Oz: Diet Soda Is The Most Dangerous Mixer

Dr Oz asked which is the most dangerous mixer for a mixed alcoholic drink?  Diet soda, orange juice, or regular soda?  Dr Oz said that mixing diet soda with alcohol is the most dangerous because carbonation on its own causes alcohol to get absorbed much faster, plus the artificial sweeteners found in diet soda speed up the absorption even further.

Dr Oz: Potassium in Red Wine Prevents Kidney Stones

Dr Oz asked which wine has more potassium – Red wine or White wine?  Dr Oz said that Red wine has more potassium and, therefore, you can prevent kidney stones by drinking Red wine!

Both contestants of Dr Oz’s game won wine stem glasses and You Staying Younger, Dr Oz’s book on aging.

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