Dr Oz: Celery Whitens Teeth & Liver Makes Skin Glow


Dr Oz Teeth Whitening Remedy

Dr Oz: Foods That Whiten Teeth

Dr Oz played a game with two ladies that is similar to the game called Pyramid.  They got a list of five words and one minute on the clock.  One lady got to see a word and had to make her friend guess what word it was without saying the actual word.  Doctor Oz said the theme of the game was to learn how to get a youthful glow and whiten your teeth with the foods that you eat.  Did you know that celery whitens teeth?  Or that eating liver makes your skin glow like a self tanner?  Click here to read another teeth whitening home remedy from Dr Oz: Teeth Whitening Remedy.

Dr Oz: Celery Whitens Teeth

The first word was of course celery, since that is the vegetable that helps to whiten your teeth.  So the lady said words Celery Whitens Teethlike “you eat it”, long, green, very crunchy, you put cream cheese in it… but her friend could not get the word and so they passed on it.  The next word was beans, to which she said good for you, baked, small, pinto, red, kidney… and the word kidney got her friend to guess the word beans.  The third word was liver, which was the hardest word I think.  She gave clues like people don’t like to eat it, its an organ in your body, brown and gooey.


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