Dr Oz: Cinnamon Boosts Memory & Eggs Improve Your Memory Too!


Dr Oz: Memory Boosting Foods

Dr Oz played a game to teach us about the best foods to boost your memory.  Which breakfast food boosts your memory?  Which spice boosts your memory simply by smelling it?  And did you know that brussel sprouts help to prevent memory decline?

Dr Oz: Eggs Boost Memory

Doctor Oz’s first question was which breakfast food can boost your memory: eggs or yogurt?  The answer is that eggs are rich in Choline that boosts Dr Oz Memory Boosting Foodsneurotransmitters in your brain and help to decrease your risk of getting Alzheimers Disease.

Dr Oz: Cinnamon Boosts Memory

Dr Oz’s second question was which spice can boost your memory just by smelling it?  Nutmeg or cinnamon?  The answer is that cinnamon can boost your memory, so sprinkle some on your coffee in the morning for a double memory boost, because the caffeine in the coffee also helps to improve your memory function.

Dr Oz: Brussel Sprouts Help Memory

Doctor Oz’s final question was which is the better vegetable to prevent memory decline: brussel sprouts or cucumbers?  The answer is brussel sprouts, although I know quite a few people would have preferred for the answer to be cucumbers.


  1. Jean Sullivan says

    I watched today’s show and there was another Dr on with Dr Oz talkng about cancer cells Anti inflamitory diet and how to avoid dementure. He mentioned L carnitine and ________?another vitamin. I couldn’t write it down fast enough and didn’t get the second vitamin. Can you tell me what it was? Thank you

  2. Redbony says

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