Dr Oz Crankiness Cures: Baby Powder, Milk, Chocolate & Folic Acid


Dr Oz Crankiness Cures

Dr Oz: Crankiness Remedies

Doctor Oz played a game called Crankiness Cures to teach us some of the most effective Crankiness Remedies.  Sherri and Shanna played the game together with Dr Oz.  Sherri said that she is a hairdresser, and if her 9 o’clock appointment is not on time, then she gets cranky because the rest of the day she is running late.  Shanna said that she usually gets cranky around 3 pm from waking up early.

Dr Oz: Chocolate & Crankiness

Dr Oz’s first question was which food is the most effective Crankiness Cure? Chocolate or Pears?  The answer is that Dr Oz Cranky Cureschocolate that is at least 70% cocoa has a mood boosting chemical that increases the serotonin in your brain.  However, you can get a rebound effect after eating it.

Dr Oz: Baby Powder & Crankiness

Doctor Oz’s next question was which scent is the most effective Crankiness Cure?  Baby Powder or Tea Tree Oil?  The answer is that Baby Powder helps to prevent crankiness because it makes you think of safety, comfort, babies and lowers your stress.

Dr Oz: Folic Acid & Crankiness

Dr Oz’s third question was which vitamin is most effective as a Crankiness Cure?  Folic Acid or Vitamin E?  The answer is that Folic Acid helps with crankiness because it is a B Vitamin.  If you are Folic Acid Deficient, then you can become cranky or sad.

Dr Oz: Milk & Crankiness

Doctor Oz’s final question was which drink is the most effective Crankiness Cure?  Milk or Prune Juice?  The answer is that milk has tryptophan, which converts into serotonin.  Your body cannot produce tryptophan, so it is best to get it through milk or other foods like turkey.  Prune Juice only really helps if you are constipated!

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