Dr Oz: Devil’s Claw Reduces Pain & How To Heal Sprains


Dr Oz: How To Heal Sprains & Strains

Dr Oz played a giant-size version of the board-game Operation to teach us how to heal Sprains and Strains.  Here are the questions that Doctor Oz asked the contestants playing the game.  Lets see how much you know about Sprains and Strains!

Dr Oz: How Long To Ice A Sprain

Dr Oz’s first question was, is the following true or false: you should ice a sprained wrist for one hour to reduce pain and inflammation.  This is false!  The Dr Oz Devils Clawicing portion is correct, but one hour is too long.  You should ice a sprain for 15-20 minutes every 2-3 hours.

Dr Oz: How To Wrap A Sprained Ankle

Doctor Oz’s second question was, is the following true or false: when bandaging a sprained ankle, you should start the the part of the body that is closest to your heart and work your way down.  This is also false!  Dr Oz said that the correct way to wrap your ankle with an Ace Bandage is to start low and work your way back up towards your heart, this will help with the swelling.

Dr Oz: Devil’s Claw Reduces Pain & Inflammation

Dr Oz’s final question was, is the following true or false: Devil’s Claw is a natural remedy that reduces pain and inflammation.  True!  Devil’s Claw is an herb that reduces inflammation and the pain.  Just add 5 drops of Devils Claw Extract to your water, and you will be good to go!

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