Dr Oz: Dollar Store Bargains: Moisturizers & Cleaning Sprays


Dr Oz: Dollar Store Deals

Dr Oz played a game to teach us which products from the Dollar Store are deals, and which are not deals.  What are your favorite things to buy at the $1 Store?  Have you ever bought vitamins, canned vegetables, moisturizers, pain medicines or cleaning sprays at the Dollar Store?  If so, then definitely read the list below to see which of these items Doctor Oz said are Dollar Store Deals and which ones should be avoided at all cost!

Dollar Store Vitamins

Dr Oz said that vitamins at the Dollar Store are not a good deal.  Consumer Reports has found that they do not always contain the correct amount of the Dr Oz Dollar Store Dealsnutrients listed on their labels.

Dollar Store Canned Vegetables

Doctor Oz said that canned vegetables are not a good deal at the Dollar Store, because you can often find them cheaper (and they will be more fresh!) at the grocery store.  You just have to look around and wait for grocery store sales.

Dollar Store Moisturizers

Dr Oz said that Dollar Store Moisturizers are a great deal, but make sure not to buy any with a SPF in it, because the SPF can go bad after awhile.  Regular moisturizers without SPF though are perfect Dollar Store Bargains!

Dollar Store Pain Medicine

Doctor Oz said that you should pass on pain medication at the Dollar Store.  Instead, just buy generic products at regular pharmacies because they are inexpensive, effective and fresher.

Dollar Store Cleaning Sprays

Dr Oz’s final tip is that Dollar Store Cleaning Solutions are a great deal because they tend to work just fine.


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