Dr. Oz: Double Dipping- Is It Safe? The Party Edition!


Doctor Oz gave us the low down on double dipping and if it is safe to eat the dip at parties. I know that I am always disgusted by how people behave at potlucks or cocktail parties, but I was excited to see if it could be damaging to our health.

Group B Streptocchocus in Veggie & Chip Dip:

Dr. Oz said that Group B Streptocchocus loves to grow in food and causes meningitis and infections.  With just three to six “double dips” (where a person takes a bite off of a chip or veggie stick and then dips it back into the dip bowl), you can get 10,000 bacterias in your dip!  So instead, make your vegetables and chips bite size so that people cannot double dip at your next potluck!  Or put a spoon in the dip bowl so that people will put the dip onto their plate and eat it off of there instead.

Streptocchocus Viridans in the Mint Bowl:

Dr. Oz found Streptocchocus Viridans in the mint bowl at a restaurant.  He tested for urine, but found no urine in the bowl of mints.  Bacillus, a soil contaminate, can cause diarrhea and nausea.  Streptocchocus Viridans means that people were touching their mouths and then eating the mints, which makes sense.  So don’t eat the mints at a restaurant unless they are individually wrapped in plastic!


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