Dr Oz: Food to Remove From Your Pantry & Omega-3-Rich Foods


Dr Oz played a game called Family Food (a clever take on the game show Family Feud).  This time Doctor Oz brought on two groups of women who have been supporting each other towards the common goal to lose weight and to get healthy.  One team was the Healthy Housewives of Richmond, VA – also called the Healthy Housewives of Oz.  These 2 women had one common goal to go down 2 dress sizes in just 90 days and they lost a total of 200 pounds.  The second team was the Caruso Family, 3 generations of Italian women who learned new ways to cook healthy dishes on the Dr Oz Show: Nicole, Adele and Grandma Matty.  In total, the Caruso Family has lost 219 pounds so far. Dr Oz Family Food Game

Dr Oz: Items to Throw Out From Your Pantry

The top four foods that Dr Oz wants everyone to throw out of their pantry are:

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