Dr Oz: Freckles, Cracking Joints & Gap In Teeth: Fix It or Flaunt It?


Dr Oz played a fun game today called Fix It Or Flaunt It.  Do you know which body flaws you should fix and which ones you should flaunt?  Doctor Oz spoke about gaps in your teeth, freckles and cracking joints.

Dr Oz: Teeth Gaps

Dr Oz’s first question was if you have a gap in your teeth, is it dangerous for your health?  Should you fix gaps in your teeth or flaunt them?  Dr Oz said that you Dr Oz Fix It Or Flaunt Itshould fix it, especially gaps in the back of your mouth where bacteria can hide and cause gum decay and teeth problems.  If you have gaps in your front teeth, that is easy enough to clean and take care of, so it is much less of a health problem.

Dr Oz: Freckles

Dr Oz’s second question was if you have freckles, should you fix them or flaunt them?  Dr Oz said you should flaunt your freckles, because they are not a health threat in and of themselves.  Freckles are caused by genetics and exposure to sun.  So since sun exposure causes freckles, that also means you might have a Skin Cancer Risk, so you should avoid more sun exposure to prevent both.

Dr Oz: Cracking Joints

Dr Oz’s final question was if you have cracking joints, should you fix them or flaunt them?  Dr Oz said you should flaunt cracking joints, because there is no harm from the cracking noise unless it hurts you.  The cracking is caused by Nitrogen Gas in your joints.

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