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Dr Oz Frozen Meals

Dr Oz: Frozen Foods Smackdown

Doctor Oz played a game called Frozen Foods Smackdown today, to teach everyone about the healthy choices to make in the Frozen Food aisle in the grocery store.  The lady who played the game showed her mother’s Dr Oz Journal where she takes notes on everything Doctor Oz teaches on his shows.  Dr Oz said that he absolutely loves having viewers who take notes and teach others – which is exactly why I started Dr Oz Fans!  I figured that since I take such close notes on Dr Oz’s Show everyday, why not make it available to everyone so that we can really spread the word about important health topics!

Dr Oz: No Trans Fats Frozen Meals

What is the most important thing to look for when you buy a Frozen Meal?  Dr Oz Frozen FoodsNo Trans Fats?  Reduced Sodium?  Or All Natural?  Dr Oz said that you should look for No Trans Fats or Zero Trans Fats Frozen Meals, because companies are still using Trans Fats to enhance the shelf life of food and to improve the flavor.

Dr Oz: Frozen Foods In A Bag

Doctor Oz’s second question was what type of packaging is best to buy Frozen Foods in?  A bag, box or can?  The answer is that Frozen Foods In A Bag are the best, because you can feel inside the bag to make sure there are no big clumps.  If there are clumps, that means the Frozen Food thawed out and was refrozen again.  You cannot feel inside the packaging with boxes or cans though.

Dr Oz: Frozen Dinner Salt Levels

Dr Oz’s final question was what is the maximum amount of sodium that you can have in a Frozen Dinner?  400 mg?  600 mg?  Or 800 mg?  The answer is 600 mg of sodium, because it is hard to find a Frozen Dinner with 400 mg of sodium or less.  If you have just one Frozen Dinner a day, and you do not make it a habit, then Dr Oz said 600 mg of sodium is ok.

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